Babes.comPRESENTS.. Dakota Alone With You In a little while up-and-coming model Dakota arrived at the house of a renowned fashion photographer for a photoshoot, she did so expecting to keep her clothes on. But something overcame the comely young spinner as A she modeled the sexy black outfit. Unintentionally it was the tense atmosphere of the shoot, the temptingly ethereal music, or simply the way the flimsy insensate glided across her pearly alabaster skin. Whatever it was, Dakota soon found herself peeling the dainty threads from her young, nubile flesh, peering heartfelt into the camera with piercing green eyes as A she did. Once the last scrap was removed, Dakota continued to throw down the gauntlet plus tease the photographer, quietly, lightly caressing her flawless skin, her perfect perky breasts plus ass, plus even her wet, wanting pussy. Feeling free of both clothes plus what remained of her inhibitions, Dakota smiled a soft smile, content that natural beauty will always be in fashion.
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